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Product Description

These devices are used in conjunction with our launchers and are designed to emit a variety of audible and visual effects designed to scare pest animals without harming them.

**A U.S. Agriculture Release form must be completed upon your first order. Please download the form from the "How to Order" page.

6MM  (22 Caliber) Blanks
SAFETY BLANKS: This cartridge primer is used in all launchers. 100 per tin.
12 Gauge - Shell Crackers
U.S. Manufactured. Exploding with a loud bang at end of travel down range approximately 200' to 300, use these cartridges where long range capabilities are required. Use with open choke shotgun only. Also known as Cracker Shells, Bangers, Schreckpatronen, Shot Tell and Twin Shot. Extreme care must be exercised when using this product. 25 per box
12 Gauge - Shell Crackers 12-gauge--shell-cracke12
15MM Cartridges - Bangers
These cartridges explode with a loud bang after traveling 100 to 150' down range. Also known as Bird Bombs, Bear Bombs, Noise Bombs, Bird Bangers and Twin Shot. Launched from a single, double, or multi-shot launcher using a 6mm blank. 50 per Box
15MM Cartridges - Bangers 15mm-cartridges--bange15
15MM Cartridges - Screamers
Screamers produce a loud screeching noise through complete travel. In low light they have a visual effect. With a range of 250' to 300', these unique pyrotechnics produce an unusual, alarming sound creating an immediate fear reaction in birds and animals. Also known as Screamers-Sirens. Launched from a single, double, or multi- shot launcher using a 6mm blank. 50 per box
15MM Cartridges - Screamers 15mm-cartridges--screame15
15MM Cartridge - Comet Whistlers
With a loud, pronounced whistling these highly visible shells travel with a sparkling tracer effect. Launched from a single, double, or multi-shot launcher using a 6mm blank. 50 per box
15MM Cartridge - Comet Whistlers 15mm-cartridge--comet-whistle15